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Gaiam High-Rise Balance Ball Stool

Gaiam High-Rise Balance Ball Stool

Gaiam High-Rise Balance Ball Stool

The problem with adjustable height desks is that you have to either raise or lower them to sit or stand and that's an annoying waste of time. Sometimes you want to keep standing but need to sit for just a bit to think and then sometimes you just want to sit at a normal desk height. A better solution would be a chair that can adjust to match either height so you can sit low, stand up, sit high, or even sit/stand somewhere in between. I think I found a good one.

This cool new Gaiam High-Rise Balance Ball Swivel Stool is like a combination of a balance ball, a drafting chair, and a rolling stool that can adjust in height from 23 to 33 inches to accommodate most standard and standing desks. It features a unique inflatable half-dome balance ball for a cushion that introduces micro-movements to not only help strengthen the core, but also help improve posture, boost circulation, and increases blood flow as well. That little bit of bounce and instability basically keeps your body active as it's always moving just a bit to maintain balance. The stool also has a 360 degree swivel base, a circular metal foot rest for when sitting up high, 5 lockable easy-glide caster wheels, and it includes an easy-inflation air pump. Perfect for the office, home office, dental office, classroom, workshop, and much more. Check out the video below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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