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Impaled Zombie Pen / Pencil Holder

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Impaled Zombie Pen / Pencil Holder

Whether you love brain-eating zombies or just have a macabre sense of humor when it comes to tidying up your office desktop space, this cool new Impaled Zombie Desk Accessory is right for you. Who wants a boring old pen or pencil holder on their desk when they could impale it through the chest cavity of a miniature zombie instead? Or maybe this is isn't even a little zombie, but a regular little man who died from a pencil stabbing and is now a decomposing corpse sprawled out on the desk? Either way, it's fun in a gruesomely gory kind of way.


  • Stab your favorite writing utensil into this recently decommissioned zombie to keep your desk tidy with just the right amount of disgusting
  • Figure has a "cavity" for holding pens, pencils, toothpicks, and more
  • Cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted to play up the gory flesh-eating, hues that wreck havoc with the undead
  • Size: 3" W x 7" L - 1 lb

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