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Illuminated Balloon Lamp

Illuminated Balloon Lamp

Illuminated Balloon Lamp

Unlike a typical helium balloon that usually escapes away to a corner on the ceiling and then slowly descends down a week later to shrivel up and die, this cool new Balloon Lamp will always stay inflated, floating, and most importantly, illuminated with a spectrum of colors. This fun balloon shaped table lamp / nightlight cycles through the colors with a simple push of the balloon knot button or can be locked into one hue with another press and seems to magically float above the surface via a metal stand disguised to look like a dangling string. Perfect for a kid's room or a baby nursery or anywhere a colorful balloon lamp might fit your decor.

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  • Illuminate your space with this floating light source
  • Won't burst, deflate or fly away
  • Just press the balloon knot to turn it on
  • Cycle through a whole spectrum of bright colors
  • Floats about 10cm above the surface you put it on
  • Sturdy metal stand designed to look like a dangling string
  • Powered by USB

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