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Himalayan Pink Salt String Lights

Himalayan Pink Salt String Lights

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If you enjoy the warm, soothing glow of a traditional large, hefty Himalayan salt lamp, but wish you could bring that same natural relaxing illumination to more small spaces, then check out these cool new Himalayan Salt String Lights. Each of the 20 LED bulbs on the USB-powered strand are encased in a real chunk of Himalayan salt, which is renowned for its natural pink hues and potential benefits. Himalayan salt lamps are thought to possibly release negative ions, help purify the air, reduce electromagnetic radiation, and enhance one's mood, but they mainly just look cool as the light softly diffuses through the natural pink crystals. These unique string lights are perfect for hanging in the bedroom or in a cozy reading nook, draping along a fireplace mantel or around your desk at work, adding natural illuminated ambiance to a romantic dinner or while entertaining guests outdoors in the evening, adding decorative lighting to a wedding, and so much more. Just don't lick them!

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Himalayan Pink Salt String Lights
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Himalayan Pink Salt String Lights
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Himalayan Pink Salt String Lights
I usually don't look for deep symbolism like this when dealing with salt and pepper shakers, but I do know that they'll set you back further in debt by around 20 bucks.
Himalayan Pink Salt String Lights
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Himalayan Pink Salt String Lights
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Himalayan Pink Salt String Lights
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Himalayan Pink Salt String Lights
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Himalayan Pink Salt String Lights
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Himalayan Pink Salt String Lights
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