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Jardin Meandering Curved Arch Garden Trellis

Jardin Meandering Curved Arch Garden Trellis

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This Spring, take a magical stroll through a curving tunnel of roses, clematis, morning glories, star jasmine, or other flowering vines and climbing plants with this cool new Jardin Meandering Arch. When combined, three of these tall curved trellis arches create a nearly 90 degree turn and can be combined with straight Jardin Arches to create breathtaking floral passageways into your backyard, around corners, or through the garden. They're constructed from durable powder-coated steel, stand 96" tall, and are designed to withstand the seasonal elements all year long. It's also great for growing vertical climbing vegetables and fruits like peas, cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes, and more, so you can walk through and grab a healthy snack anytime you wish while enjoying the great outdoors.

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Heavy Duty Iron Shepherd Hooks - Hang String Lights All Around Your Home
These heavy duty iron shepherd hooks hold up strands of string lights around a home as a unique and decorative alternative to the typical boring landscape path lights traditionally seen.
Claw Broom - Curved Bristle Push and Pull Broom / Rake
An innovative push and pull broom with curved bristles that allow you sweep and rake up a variety of materials across a variety surfaces.
Garden Weasel Nut Gatherer
This Fall, instead of bending over to pick up all the various nuts, seed heads, pine cones, fruit and other small objects like golf balls all over your yard, just roll this handy tool over it all and the flexible gathering basket quickly picks them up.
Dragon Tail Yard Display
A three section yard statue that creates the illusion that a scaled spiky tail of a mystical gigantic dragon is breeching the surface of your lawn.
Metal Mesh Colorful Autumn Leaves Hanging Bird Feeder
An extra-long hanging bird feeder made up of four metal mesh leaf-shaped feeders all finished in seasonal Autumn leaf colors.
Gargantuan Inflatable Gargoyle
This massive gothic gargoyle towers 15 feet in height, sways its huge 3 foot head back and forth looking for victims and illuminates from the inside to ensure the overblown decorative terror continues day or night.
Everbloomin' Japanese Beetle Trap
Although your roses, vegetable plants, grapes, raspberries, flowers, trees, and shrubs are very tasty to these voracious little insects, this seemingly harmless massive daffodil will seem irresistible, except... it's a trap!
Stratachute - Parachute Ball Lawn Game
A lawn strategy game where players launch balls into the air with built-in, self-deploying parachutes and hope they land on or closer to the target mat than the opposing team.
Black & Decker Alligator Lopper - Cordless Clamping Chain Saw
A powerful cordless chainsaw with innovative clamping jaws that easily grab and cut through branches and logs safely in a single motion.

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Jardin Meandering Curved Arch Garden Trellis
I discovered these really cool little mini desktop plants that come in aluminum cans! There are 4 plant cans available, Cactus in a Can, Bonsai Tree in a Can, Christmas Tree in a Can and Clover in a Can.
Jardin Meandering Curved Arch Garden Trellis
This Spring, give your landscape edging a pop of color with this cool new Flower Pot Holder Garden Edging.
Jardin Meandering Curved Arch Garden Trellis
A unique and decorative way to deliver water directly to a plant's roots.
Jardin Meandering Curved Arch Garden Trellis
Forget planting flowers in a traditional boring old planter and put those natural blooms proudly on display between the graceful wings of this swan-shaped faux boxwood planter / topiary.
Jardin Meandering Curved Arch Garden Trellis
Quick and easy way to grow strawberries in a small area.
Jardin Meandering Curved Arch Garden Trellis
A handcrafted grey earthenware planter with a contrasting clay rimmed top that suspends down from three long brown leather straps.
Jardin Meandering Curved Arch Garden Trellis
This massive long-stemmed plush rose measures in at a whopping 6 feet tall, comes with a little teddy bear clinging to the stem and ships in an equally huge gift box. If you really want to go all out, get a dozen of them for the ultimate in ridiculous Valentine's Day gifts.
Jardin Meandering Curved Arch Garden Trellis
While they may look like mini versions of the giant leaves of a tropical monstera plant, these are made from reusable plastic and way more useful at a party.
Jardin Meandering Curved Arch Garden Trellis
No soil needed to grow in your home or apartment to an amazing 6-8 ft. tall and bears up to 25 lbs.! Space-Age Bell Pepper can grow to 20 inches tall, flourishing with green leaves, white flowers and large fruits.

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