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VegTrug Wooden Whiskey Barrel Planter

VegTrug Wooden Whiskey Barrel Planter

VegTrug Wooden Whiskey Barrel Planter

This cool new VegTrug Whiskey Barrel Planter gives the look of a rustic wooden whiskey half barrel planter yet is crafted from rot-resistant cedar instead and has a vented base to promote drainage and airflow as well. It's constructed from cedar staves with metal hoops and comes in three different sizes.

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  • The look of a classic whiskey barrel planter in rot-resistant cedar with vented base that promotes good drainage
  • Vented poly base promotes airflow and well-drained soil
  • Add a saucer underneath to make it self-watering, sold separately
  • Gardeners love to use wooden barrels as planters, but poor drainage can lead to root rot and unhealthy plants
  • Cedar staves with metal hoops
  • Materials: Chinese cedar, polypropylene
  • 15" Planter: 14-3/4" in diameter x 11-3/4" H; holds 18 quarts of potting mix
  • 18" Planter: 18" in diameter x 13-3/4" H; holds 35 quarts of potting mix
  • 22" Planter: 22" in diameter x 16" H; holds 70 quarts of potting mix

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