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AeroGarden Pro 200

AeroGarden Pro 200

AeroGarden Pro 200

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I own and love the Original AeroGarden. It's the coolest thing to be able to grow a ton of chili peppers, cherry tomatoes, salad greens, basil, herbs and more indoors without any soil and hardly any work at all. The only real problem with growing plants with aeroponic technology is that it works a bit too well at times and the plants would get taller than the adjustable grow light would allow. Well, there's a new AeroGarden now available that addresses these problems and more.

The cool new and improved AeroGarden Pro 200 not only adds stylish brushed stainless steel accents, it also has twice the lamp height of the original, grows produce in half the time of the original and features a redesigned, high-performance growth light. It's just as simple to use too. Simply, add water and the nutrient tablets, pop in the bio-grow pods and watch as the seeds germinate and grow in just a few short days. It's automatically programmed to adjust the lighting, water and nutrients and will alert you when you need to add water or another nutrient tablet. It's very cool.

If you live in an apartment or condo, don't have a green thumb or just want all-natural produce readily available in your kitchen, you'll love it. I think I want to get this one for my office, so I can snack on cherry tomatoes.


  • Brushed stainless steel unit uses aeroponics
  • Requires no soil and no spade work
  • Rapid growth of flavorful produce
  • Programmable function automatically adjusts light, water, and nutrients to your specific plants for perfect results every time
  • Simply add water, nutrient tablets, and all-natural bio-grow pods, and watch it grow
  • Twice the lamp height of the original
  • Redesigned, high-performance growth light
  • Plants germinate in just a few days

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