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AeroGarden - Automated Indoor Kitchen Garden

AeroGarden - Automated Indoor Kitchen Garden

AeroGarden - Automated Indoor Kitchen Garden

Does anyone remember visiting Epcot Center at Walt Disney World and checking out that hydroponics/aeroponics exhibit The Land? Well, aeroponics is basically a farming technology that allows plants to be grown in air instead of soil or water. AeroGrow International has figured out a way to condense that technology and bring it into your kitchen with a new product called the AeroGarden. Imagine a fully automated mini greenhouse for your kitchen countertop that can easily grow homegrown, pesticide-free salad greens, cherry tomatoes, gourmet herbs, flowers, chili peppers, strawberries and more, with a guaranteed harvest in around 28 days all while using organic-based nutrients and 95 percent less water than plants traditionally grown in soil. This is so cool, I'm totally getting one of these for my desk at the office for snacking!

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  • Aerogarden garden kit grows lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, petunias, and more
  • Includes the AeroGarden, 2 daylight spectrum bulbs, pre-seeded bio-dome grow pod, time release nutrients, and tending and harvesting guide with recipes
  • Self-monitoring system adjusts for best growing conditions
  • Automatic alerts notify when more water or nutrients are needed
  • Organic-based, 100% natural tool requires no dirt or natural light; grows 5 times faster than soil

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