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Ultimate Corkscrew - Zevro Indispensable Wine Bottle Opener

Ultimate Corkscrew - Zevro Indispensable Wine Bottle Opener

Let me introduce to you the ultimate corkscrew, the Zevro Indispensable Wine Bottle Opener. I have one of these (click here to see) and it makes opening wine bottles beyond simple. All you do is slide it over your wine bottle and the needle will slide right down through the cork. Now gently give the button on top a quick squeeze and a quick blast of air makes the cork slide right out. For the first couple of bottles you open, expect a pop when the cork ejects so don't be startled and don't press the button too long or it could shoot the thing right out of your hand, once you do it a couple of times, it's really simple and a lot of fun. Trust me, it looks extremely cool and amazes everyone every time I demo it.bottles.

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