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Solid Cork Tables & Stools by Designer Jasper Morrison

Solid Cork Tables & Stools by Designer Jasper Morrison

I am looking for a coffee table for the new Green Head HEADquarters lounge and I really want to find something unique. Of course, I'm thinking wood like everyone else on the planet, but I just came across a material I never thought I would see outside of a wine bottle, a Solid Cork Tables and Stools. How cool would cork tables be? Not only are they a renewable resource and unlike anything anyone has ever seen, they are strong and durable enough to handle everything from your collection of remotes and magazines to someone sitting on it. Plus, you could even use it as a weird modern 360 degree message corkboard or something. What do you all think? Is cork the next big thing as a cool building material or will it go the way of wicker?

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