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Retro Rocket Ship Table

Retro Rocket Ship Table

Retro Rocket Ship Table

This cool new Rocket Table from the Mousarris Design Studio depicts a retro-futuristic sci-fi rocket ship blasting off into space with a glass tabletop riding on its nosecone and a puffy smoke trail exhaust doubling as its base. Each of these double-take-inducing sculptural space age tables is handcrafted and sure to get attention from anyone who still remembers dreaming of an exciting spacefaring future and all its adventurous possibilities, but who are still stuck on this planet in a dystopian nightmare present wishing they could return to the past for a do over. We might not be piloting massive starships in epic space battles with the pesky Neptunians... again, but we did finally get curbside grocery pickup and modern technology like turntables... *sigh*

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