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Refined Feline Wooden Litter Box Cabinet

Refined Feline Wooden Litter Box Cabinet

Refined Feline Wooden Litter Box Cabinet

The good thing about cats is that you don't have to take them outside to use the bathroom, but unfortunately you still have to deal with a horrendous litter box that usually sits out in the open somewhere in plain sight. The solution is this cool new Refined Litter Box from Refined Feline. While it make look like a decorative wooden cabinet at first glance, this unique piece of furniture actually hides a litter box inside that your cat can access through a door in the side. It features an internal plastic litter liner with high walls to contain the litter, has fold open cabinet doors for easy cleaning access, has a handy storage drawer on top, and has reversible walls for right or left entry. They also sell an optional matching wooded litter catch for outside the door as well. For once, you'll not only be pampering your cat, but you'll also be pampering yourself.

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