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Enormous Squirrel Statue

Enormous Squirrel Statue

Enormous Squirrel Statue

If you really love squirrels and there is a vacant corner in your home or office that is missing that certain something, why not dedicate a shrine to those furry little nut gathering lunatics with this cool new Enormous Squirrel Statue. This massive squirrel statue stands nearly five feet tall atop a pile of acorns and is cast in high quality designer resin that is individually hand-painted. Best of all, this squirrel won't be scampering about your backyard stealing bird seed, throwing nuts at you from tree branches, and knocking out the power to your whole neighborhood.

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  • Stands nearly 5 feet tall
  • Cast in quality designer resin
  • Individually hand painted to showcase his enviable natural hues
  • Size: 47.5" W x 34" D x 59.5" H - 89 lbs

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