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Gigantic Velociraptor Dinosaur Statue

Gigantic Velociraptor Dinosaur Statue

Gigantic Velociraptor Dinosaur Statue

Wish you could recreate all that running and screaming from the Jurassic Park World flicks right in your very own backyard? Then pretend to be hunted by this cool new yet quite prehistoric-inspired Velociraptor Dinosaur Statue from Design Toscano. According to my extensive research (about 1 minute on Wikipedia), I learned that Velociraptors in real life were feathered and about the size of a turkey and the ones in the movies were actually based on the Deinonychus dinosaur instead. The name Velociraptor sounded much cooler and the rest is history. Anyways, this gigantic raptor statue looks more like the terrifying ones featured in the movies, measures over 5 feet tall and is almost 9 feet long, and is realistically sculpted and hand-painted in frightening detail. It's perfect for placing in the garden to scare off hungry herbivores, in the kitchen to scare off hungry humans, or anywhere where you may want to scare off everyone else... or encourage selfie photo ops.

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