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Life-Size Ghostbusters Slimer Statue

Life-Size Ghostbusters Slimer Statue

Life-Size Ghostbusters Slimer Statue


"Listen! Do you smell something?" - Ray Stantz (Ghostbusters 1984)

This cool new yet quite retro Life-Size Slimer Statue is a 1:1 scale prop replica of the famous three foot tall focused, non-terminal repeating phantasm / class 5 full roaming vapor / disgusting blob from the 1984 Ghostbusters flick... the good one. While this Slimer isn't made from pure Ectoplasm, he has been re-created from the original movie molds of the prop itself using realistically hand-painted foam rubber and latex. While it may not be a real live ghost, you should probably keep this hungry green spirit away from the refrigerator just as a precaution... and hotel ballrooms! Proton Pack and slime not included.

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  • Based on the 1984 film Ghostbusters Slimer
  • Recreated using the original movie molds
  • Stands about 3 feet tall
  • Hand-painted foam rubber and Latex
  • Simple assembly required - instructions included in carton

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