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Terrifying 12 ft Animated Hovering Witch

Terrifying 12 ft Animated Hovering Witch

Terrifying 12 ft Animated Hovering Witch

A cackling old witch stirring a bubbling black cauldron on the ground is sort of spooky, I guess, but a sinister wicked witch flying 12 feet above me is pure fright. This cool new 12 ft Animated Hovering Witch from Home Depot appears to be hovering in the air well above the trick-or-treaters or party guests and features realistic mouth movements, animated LCD LifeEyes, motion-activated sensors, eerie sound effects, and spine-chilling cackling laughter. This horrifying hexer is so powerful that it can even be placed outdoors during the season of the witch, even in strong howling Autumn winds. Check out the video below to see it in action... if you dare! 🧙

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  • 12-ft. hovering witch creates an atmosphere of terror
  • Witch figure appears to be hovering in the air to frighten your guests
  • Eerie glowing presence, twisted grin and red glowing eyes are sure to send shivers down trick-or-treaters' spines
  • Realistic movements, cackling laughter and eerie sound effects add to the overall spooky effect
  • Motion-activated cackling laughter and spine-tingling sayings turn your home into a haunted house
  • LED eyes stare long and hard to put your guests on edge
  • Moving jaw and spine-tingling sounds put everyone on edge
  • Designed for outdoor display and can resist strong winds

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