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Lifesize King Cobra Snake Statue

Lifesize King Cobra Snake Statue

Lifesize King Cobra Snake Statue

Want to scare off neighbors and other pests from your home or garden? Want to have a lot of evil, mischievous fun as well? This cool new Lifesize King Cobra Snake Statue depicts a massive King Cobra rearing up and ready to strike at anyone who ventures too close. It's crafted from high quality designer resin and realistically hand-painted to ensure every smooth scale, fang, and marking is extra terrifying. You could place this scary serpent in the garden to protect from hungry pests, next to your front door to ward off pesky unwanted humans, or just place it behind the curtains in the shower for a truly terrifying prank that will most likely not end well. Sssssss...

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  • Realistic lifesize King Cobra statue
  • Over sixteen-feet long at full stretch
  • Equally scary displayed indoors or out
  • Rearing and ready-to-strike serpent sculpture
  • Cast in quality designer resin and painstakingly hand painted with details to resemble a real King Cobra
  • Smooth black scales, gold markings and distinctive pattern
  • Size: 42" W x25" Dx43" H - 19 lbs.

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