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Can of Dehydrated Water - Just Add Water!

Can of Dehydrated Water - Just Add Water!

Can of Dehydrated Water - Just Add Water!

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Stay hydrated! Don't forget to drink water! Tired of hearing these two phrases... everywhere? We now live in a post-information-age of mass stupidity where apps and constant reminders are needed to inform the excessively parched to take a simple drink of water when they're thirsty. The rest are carrying around giant bottles of water just in case they accidentally get lost in the desert and their smartphone, smartwatch, or smart something else dies and leaves them helpless to know when to take a lifesaving sip. The better solution is to simply stock up with a few cans of this cool new Dehydrated Water.

To make infinite gallons of water, just unscrew the cap on the steel can, mix in equal parts of this dehydrated dihydrogen monoxide with pure water, and then chug it before you instantly dry out and blow away. The final result is 16 oz per can of 100% organic, BPA-free, gluten-free, Vegan-friendly, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, low sodium, and plastic straw-free rehydrated water. Since the bulky water has been removed beforehand, it can be more easily carried while hiking or camping and will even stay fresh forever in a prepper's emergency survival supply. It also makes a great gift for anyone with an unusually mighty thirst and is sure to be a hit in a white elephant gift exchange. It also pairs nicely with a refreshing can of Perri-Air when your phone forgets to tell you to breathe too.

WARNING: Excessive consumption of dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO) can be dangerous, so please consult with a doctor, your personal A.I., or any expert on the Internet before use. 🙄

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