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Official Left Hander's Coffee Mug

Official Left Hander's Coffee Mug

Official Left Hander's Coffee Mug

I'm right-handed and the world seems to be designed around me, so I felt like left-handed people would enjoy something built just for them for once. This cool new Official Left Hander's Coffee Mug may seem like your ordinary everyday ambidextrous coffee mug, but there's a well-placed hole on one side keeping right-handers from sipping. It's the perfect evil drinking vessel for all the left-handers out there who just want to watch the right-handed world burn... or at least dribble coffee all over themselves. They also make malevolently fun additions to all office breakrooms as well.

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  • A spill awaits if right-handers use it
  • Capacity: 10 oz
  • Made in USA

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