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Animated Kicking Witch Legs

Animated Kicking Witch Legs

Animated Kicking Witch Legs

Did a flying witch crash her broomstick hard into the front yard? Did a house fall on her from Kansas? Did she get stuck between the fence running away from a hungry werewolf? Did I drown one upside down in the pond to prove she wasn't a witch? Is a witch slipping down from the branches of the tree trying to get her black cat down? All these scenarios and more can achieved with these cool new Animated Witch Leg Kickers from Mr. Halloween. These double-take-inducing animatronic witch legs kick around frantically when the motion-activated sensor is tripped and include a pole/stake for securing them down. Since they can be used indoors or outdoors, they're perfect for Halloween decorating in the front yard, flower pots, trees, fences, walkways, sticking out of the chimney, hanging out of the trunk of your car... the possibilities are endless. Also great for pranks the rest of the year. Check out the video below to see them in action.

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