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Decepti-Candy - Prank Powders

Decepti-Candy - Prank Powders

Decepti-Candy - Prank Powders

If you want to have some good old-fashioned malevolent fun or need to enact some cold-hearted revenge, just leave out these cool new Decepti-Candy - Prank Powders where your friends, family, co-workers and other victims will find them. These seemingly innocent vials of candy power look harmless enough on the outside, but really aren't what they seem. The yellow Sweet Pixie Pollen isn't so bad, it's actually just a very sour cherry flavor, but it all goes downhill from here. The red Refreshing Pegasus Powder tastes like sour lemonade and causes your mouth to quickly foam up. The green Shining Fairy Dust tastes like blue raspberry and then stains your victim's mouth green. The blue Ultimate Unicorn Sprinkles is the most evil of the bunch. It tastes like super sour green apples, foams up your mouth and then stains it blue. I suggest leaving them in the office breakroom as payback to the annoying coworker who keeps stealing your lunch!

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  • Sweet Pixie Pollen (yellow) - cherry - very sour
  • Refreshing Pegasus Powder (red) - lemonade - foams in your mouth
  • Shining Fairy Dust (green) - blue raspberry - stains your mouth green
  • Ultimate Unicorn Sprinkles (blue) - green apple - sour, foams, and stains your mouth blue
  • Delicious way to mess with your friends and/or coworkers
  • Four different flavors and four different pranks
  • Each tube is 8g (0.30oz) of delicious, candied evil.

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