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Electronic Blinking Eyeballs

Electronic Blinking Eyeballs

Electronic Blinking Eyeballs

I don't know why I need these cool new Electronic Blinking Eyeballs, but I'm sure I'll discover a million uses once I have them. These giant eyeballs from Japan that blink in a very realistic manner and can be attached just about anywhere using the included suction cups. They feature random blinking that is perfectly synced using an IR signal and come with a decoration sheet to give them tears, eyelashes, angry brows, or a funny nose. Nothing says cute, like a garbage can, toilet, wall or refrigerator looking at you with disembodied blinking googly eyes!



  • Blinking electronic eyeballs... blink in a very realistic manner
  • Attach them to walls, lockers, doors, fridge, wherever
  • Random blinking is synced between eyeballs using IR signal
  • Hang with included suction cup or hooks
  • Includes decoration sheet to give your eyeballs tears, eyelashes, angry brows, or a funny nose
  • Imported from Japan
  • Size: 3" Diameter x 2" D

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