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Gigantic 7 Foot Tall Bigfoot Silhouette Yard Display

Gigantic 7 Foot Tall Bigfoot Silhouette Yard Display

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Tired of fruitlessly squatching the remote forests of the Pacific Northwest looking for the elusive and mysterious Bigfoot creature? Well, now you can save time and your sanity by simply placing this cool new Giant Bigfoot Silhouette Display in your backyard instead. Standing over 7 feet tall, this double-take-inducing black silhouette of the mighty Sasquatch can be placed anywhere you wish to generate panicked sightings like your yard, at the fence looking into your neighbor's yard, hiking trails, campsites, or just put it behind the shower curtain to give someone a monstrous morning surprise. It's made in the USA from thick, long-lasting waterproof pvc and can easily be mounted in a variety of ways anywhere you wish. It's also great for satisfying urges to report Bigfoot sightings, take far away pictures and grainy footage that everyone will debate and debunk, and safely snap selfies with, because this Bigfoot won't tear you to pieces. Check out the video below to see the original Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage upscaled to 4K and AI-enhanced to show it smoothly walking at 100 frames per second... 🧐🤔

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Hand Captured Irish Leprechaun
Inside the ventilated cheesecloth-covered mason jar sits a hand captured lucky Irish Leprechaun on a little bit of his forest bedding. Can you get him to talk and tell you where he hid all his gold, treasure, clovers and wealth?
Octopus Lantern
This whimsical eight armed octopus statue uses three of its arms to hold little tea light illuminated lanterns and the other five to keep itself balanced upright.
Star Wars AT-AT Walker BBQ Grill
Rather than destroying pesky Rebel Bases on frozen planets, this miniature All Terrain Armored Transport has been repurposed into a fiery BBQ grill instead.
Gigantic Clothespin Bench
This gigantic handcrafted wooden clothespin is designed for sitting on like a bench instead of holding up massive clothing on an equally humongous clothesline.
Gigantic LED Illuminated Christmas Ornament
This holiday season, ramp up your overblown decorative spirit by placing these cool new Gigantic LED Illuminated Christmas Ornaments.
Creepy Tree Face and Branch Arms Set
This Creepy Tree Face and Branch Arms Set transforms a normal tree in your yard into a nightmarish creature usually found deep in a dark haunted forest.
Talk To Me Party Hand Prop Replica
Gather your friends around, light a candle, hold hands with this ceramic party hand prop replica, and say... Talk to Me.
Serpent Table
If you fear snakes, you might think twice before setting your drink down on this cool new Serpent Tablefrom Blackman Cruz... and you better use a coaster!
Sinister Climbing Skeleton Wall Sculpture
Not much truly frightens me anymore, but the idea of walking into a room and seeing a skeleton quickly climbing up a wall, stopping, and then peering back at me over its shoulder is terrifying.

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Gigantic 7 Foot Tall Bigfoot Silhouette Yard Display
Cool illusion that lets you bend real coins with your bare hands to the amazement of your friends.
Gigantic 7 Foot Tall Bigfoot Silhouette Yard Display
While it may look just like the bright yellow barrier tape that police use to restrict access around a crime scene, it's actually 3-ply toilet paper.
Gigantic 7 Foot Tall Bigfoot Silhouette Yard Display
Just pop the top, give the bottle a firm squeeze and try not to drool as delicious, flavorful and healthy gourmet bacon oozes out over your sandwich, fruit, hamburger, salad, pasta, etc. No cooking or refrigeration necessary!
Gigantic 7 Foot Tall Bigfoot Silhouette Yard Display
Want to seriously terrify someone this halloween? This eerily realistic witch hangs outside a window and taps 3 times. So creepy!
Gigantic 7 Foot Tall Bigfoot Silhouette Yard Display
Curious people who notice this simple QR code sticker on your bumper will scan it with their phone and then loudly sigh as they've been Rick Rolled once again.
Gigantic 7 Foot Tall Bigfoot Silhouette Yard Display
These evil tea cups may look like ordinary porcelain tea cups with the usual floral pattern at first glance, but once the tea has been consumed, the horrific words, You've Been Poisoned are revealed at the bottom of the cup.
Gigantic 7 Foot Tall Bigfoot Silhouette Yard Display
These ultra-realistic breakaway beer bottle props are handmade from a trade secret formulation of polymer plastics (no sugar) that shatters safely upon impact.
Gigantic 7 Foot Tall Bigfoot Silhouette Yard Display
The next time someone asks you to get them a cup of coffee or tea, be sure to deliver it to them in one of these cool new You've Been Poisoned Coffee Mugs.
Gigantic 7 Foot Tall Bigfoot Silhouette Yard Display
At first glance, Tina appears to be a real woman dressed in a lovely black gown standing with her back to you, but when she senses your approach, her head quickly spins around to reveal a terrifying a skeletal face with glowing red eye sockets.

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