Artist Manikin Handy Salt And Pepper Mills

Artist Manikin Handy Salt And Pepper Mills

Want to spice up your food and learn to draw at the same time? Then check out these cool new Handy Salt And Pepper Mills. These handmade beech wood salt and pepper mills are inspired by artist manikins with fully articulated and jointed fingers on top and a ceramic grinding mechanism on the bottom. A great way to make dining and asking for someone to hand down the salt a bit more awkward yet interesting. Available in left or right hands.


  • Handmade from beech wood with ceramic grinding mechanism
  • Based on artists’ manikins
  • Available in Right and Left
  • Fully articulated, with jointed fingers
  • Wipe clean with damp cloth, dry with paper towel
  • Fills from top
  • Size: 13" T

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