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Old Bay Hot Sauce

Old Bay Hot Sauce

Old Bay Hot Sauce

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If you love the flavor of Old Bay seasoning sprinkled on just about anything and everything, now you can take your seasoning obsession to the next level with this cool new yet quite spicy Old Bay Hot Sauce... which just sold out almost immediately after being introduced online. This tasty blend of Old Bay's iconic herbs and spices mixed with the heat from red cayenne peppers in the hot sauce makes this the go to condiment for not only crab and shrimp (and popcorn!), but also Bloody Marys, chicken wings, eggs, pizza, burgers, fries, nachos, or, again, everything. Available in either 10 oz or 5 oz bottles or a gigantic 64 oz jug. While Old Bay says they'll be restocking soon, you can always enjoy an Old Bay Candle in the meantime.

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