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Upside-Down Sky Planter

Upside-Down Sky Planter

Upside-Down Sky Planter

If you love the benefits of Upside-Down Outdoor Gardening, you'll love growing kitchen herbs, ivies, houseplants, strawberries, flowers, and more upside-down from the ceiling in this cool new hanging Sky Planter. This gravity-defying planter hangs upside-down to not only conserve space, but to save water as well. A terra cotta Slo-Flo system feeds water gradually to the plant's roots (refill every two weeks) and a simple locking disc holds the plant, soil, and water all safely in place, so there is no catastrophic mess. Hang them in the kitchen to grow herbs that you can swing over and snip, in your living room to keep plants from hungry cats, or just in any room where you want to create a majestic inverted hanging garden.

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  • Gravity-defying houseplant pot adds life to any room
  • Conserves water with a unique terra cotta Slo-Flo system that feeds water gradually to plant roots
  • Lasts up to two weeks between refills
  • Simple locking disc holds the plant and soil in place
  • Create a lush hanging jungle or food garden near any window
  • Perfect for compact spaces - Saves precious floor and table space
  • Ideal for ivies, kitchen herbs, strawberries, even orchids!
  • Materials: Recycled polypropylene, stainless steel, terra cotta
  • Size Small: 3-3/4" Diameter x 5-1/8" H - 7 oz
  • Size Large: 5-7/8" Diameter x 7-3/8" H - 2 lbs 4 oz

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