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VertiGarden - Vertical Gardening System

VertiGarden - Vertical Gardening System

If you've grown tired of horizontal and upside-down gardening, then it's time to go vertical. The cool new VertiGarden is a modular vertical gardening system that lets you easily create a living wall on your patio or deck. Just fill the grow trays with soil, plant your favorite creeping/spreading plants, water, let them root in and then secure the trays vertically using the included brackets. It includes a water tank that feeds a built-in irrigation system that uses an tube with 8 plastic drippers to water all the plants from the top down and keep the soil moist for easy maintenance. A great way to save space and bring a wall to life.

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  • Bring Walls To Life With VertiGarden
  • Easy way to create a living wall on your patio or deck
  • Built-in irrigation system waters all plants from the top down and keeps soil moist for easy maintenance
  • Polystyrene grow trays with metal frame and brackets
  • Includes a set of two trays and one water tank
  • Includes an irrigation string with 8 plastic drippers to feed all trays
  • Size: 20" H x 16" W x 3" D
  • Recommended: Creeping/spreading plants to provide full coverage
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