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Hanging Fern Garden

Hanging Fern Garden

These cool new Hanging Ferns let you created a truly unique suspended fern garden hanging from the ceiling. Inspired by the Japanese kokedama where moss is grown on balls of soil, these add easy to care for ornamental ferns and 13" of attached string for hanging. To water them, simply soak the moss ball, let excess water drain, and rehang in a spot with medium to full indirect sunlight. Not only will these seemingly floating ferns add a natural decorative touch to your home or office, they will also help to purify the air, remove carbon dioxide (it's what plants crave), and release oxygen (what we crave).


  • Inspired by the Japanese bonsai technique of kokedama
  • Suspended garden sprouts a bird’s nest fern from a string-bound ball of soil and moss
  • Each garden can be hung with the attached strings, or displayed on an open plant stand.
  • Indoor or outdoor use in mild climates
  • Prefers medium-to-full, indirect sunlight - do not place in direct sun
  • Grows best with 60-75 F days and 55-65 F nights
  • When weight of garden is reduced by half, water by soaking moss ball thoroughly in sink; let excess water drain
  • 13" string length
  • Size: 10.5" H x 19" W Plant - 5.7” Diameter Ball
  • Bird’s Nest Fern, Curly bird’s nest fern, Staghorn Fern
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