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All-in-One Tomato Success Kit

All-in-One Tomato Success Kit

All-in-One Tomato Success Kit

The All-in-One Tomato Success Kit is the perfect solution for tomato lovers with limited gardening space and/or gardening skills. It includes everything you need to grow a bountiful harvest of big healthy fresh tomatoes on your deck, patio or balcony or for people living in apartments, townhomes and condos as well.

In the All-in-One Tomato Success Kit you get 1 cool self-watering planter, 1 tomato support cage, 40 quarts of self-watering container mix, 1 pound of organic 5-6-5 fertilizer, tomato yield booster mulch and even a top-fill tube with water level indicator. You get everything but the tomato plants. Plus, it's even portable, just in case you need to move it because of strong windy thunderstorms, hungry backyard critters or just to keep it in the sunlight.

Deck and patio gardening has been getting more and more popular each summer because of how fun, easy and decorative it can be. Last year's Upside-Down Tomato Gardens were certainly cool (I have one and love it), but this new all-in-one tomato kit is truly a welcome new addition.

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  • Kit includes our Self-Watering Planter, Tomato Yield Booster Mulch, one Tomato Support Cage, 40 quarts of Self-Watering Container Mix, 1 pound of organic 5-6-5 fertilizer and a top-fill tube with water level indicator. Tomato plants not included
  • Two-part stacking cage grows with your plants
  • Rust-resistant cage clips prevents toppling
  • Choice of Terra Cotta or Green

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