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Miniature Pop-Up Tomato / Pepper Greenhouse

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Miniature Pop-Up Tomato / Pepper Greenhouse

The cool new Pop-Up Tomato Accelerator is a protective miniature greenhouse that lets you get an early start growing your tomatoes, peppers, and other heat-loving plants, plus get an earlier harvest. Just pop it open, place it over your tomato transplant, anchor it to the soil using the loops on the base, and enjoy some peace-of-mind knowing the tomato plant will be protected from cold temperatures and wind. It features a zippered mesh top that prevents overheating, lets water through, and opens for better ventilation and flattens for space-saving off-season storage. Great gardening solution.


  • Start your garden weeks earlier
  • Get the first ripe tomatoes in your neighborhood - harvest sooner
  • Pop-up mini-greenhouse protects tomato transplants from cold temperatures and chilly winds
  • Creates a warm, protected environment for transplants
  • Set plants out in the garden weeks earlier
  • Pops open for simple, hassle-free set up
  • Flattens for easy off-season storage
  • Zippered mesh allows warm air to escape, preventing overheating, and it also lets water in
  • Loops at the base let you anchor it to the ground
  • Size: 18" Diameter x 28" H

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