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Aqua Pouch - Water-Resistant Smartphone Pouch / Speaker

Aqua Pouch - Water-Resistant Smartphone Pouch / Speaker

Aqua Pouch - Water-Resistant Smartphone Pouch / Speaker

Do you twitch in the shower because you can't go 5 minutes without checking your smartphone for notifications, playing some never-ending addictive app, taking an involuntary selfie, texting everyone, yakking on the phone, surfing the web, watching movies, wasting your real life on social media, or listening to music and podcasts? Then simply slide your smartphone into this cool new Aqua Pouch and pesky water won't get in between you and your device again.

This touchscreen-compatible and water-resistant pouch slips over your smartphone and connects via a 3.5mm earphone jack to a built-in speaker. Not only will the sound volume be amplified while giving you full touch control through the transparent pouch, it also has a foldable stand for handsfree viewing. Great bathroom, weather, beach, and around the pool phone solution, but you still have to avert your eyes from the screen occasionally to recharge.

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  • Play your music or watch videos in the shower or outdoors while protecting your device from getting wet
  • Touchscreen devices can easily be controlled from outside the pouch
  • Attached foldable stand will allow for handsfree viewing
  • Compatible with devices with standard 3.5mm earphone jack
  • Colors: Pink, Green, Blue, Black, Clear
  • Size: 5.1" X 7.4"

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