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Victrola Stream Turntable - Works with Sonos Wirelessly

Victrola Stream Turntable - Works with Sonos Wirelessly

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This cool new yet quite retro-inspired Victrola Stream is a seriously sleek and modern turntable that lets you to listen to your favorite vinyl records wirelessly through your entire Sonos speaker system. This 33 1/3 and 45 rpm belt-driven turntable features a carbon fiber tonearm, a premium Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, an LED illuminated control knob, an easy-to-adjust tonearm counterweight, a machined aluminum headshell, an RCA output for use with non-Sonos speakers, and it includes a silicone slipmat. Now I'm sure analog purists are going to argue about vinyl being played wirelessly, but the lack of hideous wire clutter, the freedom to place it anywhere and stream it anywhere, and the clean, futuristic design aesthetic really make up for any analog to digital fidelity loss. I just want to easily commit to listening to my favorite vinyl records while enjoying the gorgeous large album art and liner notes without the typical turntable setup hassles and cord and equipment mess and this is a beautiful fusion of both worlds. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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Pachi Pachi Clappy - Clapping Toy From Japan
um... hmm... well, it's from Japan and it has giant squishy silicone hands that clap together when you push the button.
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Apple iPod Shuffle with VoiceOver
The cool new Apple iPod Shuffle with VoiceOver is not only ridiculously small and half the size of the previous version, it now features 4GB of storage and is the first music player that actually speaks to you.
Vinyl records are... ALIVE!!! Dust off an old turntable, find a spooky horror movie soundtrack on vinyl, and place this cool new Universal Monsters Frankenstein Spinature from Waxwork Records right over the spindle to spin around while it plays.

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Victrola Stream Turntable - Works with Sonos Wirelessly
This innovative umbrella light / speaker snaps around any standard market umbrella pole (even cantilevered) to illuminate a patio table with 150 lumens of warm light from 8 super bright LEDs, while also streaming music from any Bluetooth device through its two full-range stereo speakers.
Victrola Stream Turntable - Works with Sonos Wirelessly
This innovative flying disc toy has a built-in wireless Bluetooth speaker in the center that syncs and streams from any Bluetooth device.
Victrola Stream Turntable - Works with Sonos Wirelessly
In my opinion, the modern designs of most current Bluetooth wireless speakers leave a lot to be desired, but when you combine vintage, turn of the 20th century classic design on the outside with state of the art modern components on the inside, you get this cool new yet very retro Victrola Gramophone Bluetooth Speaker.
Victrola Stream Turntable - Works with Sonos Wirelessly
At first glance, this cool new Birdhouse Speaker may look like a normal home for your feathered friends hanging from the tree branches, but it's actually a Bluetooth wireless outdoor speaker hiding in plain sight.
Victrola Stream Turntable - Works with Sonos Wirelessly
It may look like a vintage 1920s gramophone with a classic horn speaker, but this sleek modern Bluetooth version doesn't need to be wound up nor does it need disc-based recordings. Plus, you can take this giant gramophone on the go for mobile play.
Victrola Stream Turntable - Works with Sonos Wirelessly
Designed to resemble a classic amplifier for an electric guitar, this iPod speaker delivers crisp digital audio from its full-range 5-watt driver and even has three functional dials for volume, treble, and bass control.
Victrola Stream Turntable - Works with Sonos Wirelessly
A picnic blanket made from polyester fleece and rugged foam with a waterproof backing, plus two built-in Bluetooth speakers to pump out some tunes.
Victrola Stream Turntable - Works with Sonos Wirelessly
The world's smallest self-contained portable record player that's housed inside a miniature VW Bus that drives around on the grooves of the vinyl and plays music through built-in speakers on the roof.
Victrola Stream Turntable - Works with Sonos Wirelessly
At your next pool party, backyard BBQ, or other festive outdoor gathering, wow your guests with chilled drinks, fun music, and an inviting atmosphere with this cool new LED Illuminated Ice Bucket / Bluetooth Speaker.

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