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Finis SwiMP3 Waterproof MP3 Player

Finis SwiMP3 Waterproof MP3 Player

Finis SwiMP3 Waterproof MP3 Player

The Finis SwiMP3 Waterproof MP3 Player is a must have for all swimmers who want to listen to music or podcasts while in the water. Just clip it onto the strap of your face mask or goggles and it transfers sound vibrations from your cheekbone to your inner ear using bone conduction hearing technology. Unlike using typical underwater headphones that muffle the sound, this innovative technology results in high-fidelity audio that you didn't think was even possible underwater. It's sure to add more fun and energy to your water workout and keep you in the pool even longer.

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  • Patented Bone-Conduction Technology
  • Transmits high-fidelity sound through the cheekbone to the inner ear
  • New Sleek Design with Strap Clip
  • Integrated MP3 Panel
  • Plays both MP3 and WMA files with new playlist functionality
  • 8-Hour Rechargeable Battery charges
  • directly from a USB port
  • Windows and MAC Compatible
  • Expanded 1GB of Storage
  • Designed to hold approximately 240 songs

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