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OM Sound Wine Glasses - Vibrate at the Same Frequency of the Universe

OM Sound Wine Glasses - Vibrate at the Same Frequency of the Universe

Refocus your energy, find your spiritual balance,and reconnect with the entire universe when you get bored at the dinner table sipping wine from these cool new OM Sound Wine Glasses. It seems that 432 Hz is the vibrational frequency of everything in the universe and the OM mantra commonly chanted in meditation and yoga matches this frequency to help the chanter tune in with everything around them. It can also be achieved by simply filling this set of two musical wine glasses to the decorative etched lines that say either OM or the Sanskrit OM symbol and then circling the rim of the glass with a wet finger. You'll either achieve enlightenment, reach full serenity, or just slowly relax and pass out on the table from too much wine. The set includes two musical glasses with matching cork coasters. Check out this VIDEO to see them in action.

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  • Etched OM wine glasses vibrate at 432 hertz - the same frequency as the universe
  • Create your own serenity by filling one of these glasses, dipping a finger in the liquid, and circling the rim
  • Clear, soothing OM tone will sound
  • Decorative etched lines mark the fill level for creating the tone: one repeats OM and the other, the Sanskrit OM symbol
  • Set of two glasses complete with two matching cork coasters
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Capacity: 23.5 oz
  • Size: 4.75" H x 4" Diameter

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