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Vintage 30 Bottle Riddling Rack

Vintage 30 Bottle Riddling Rack

Vintage 30 Bottle Riddling Rack

Store your best bottles of wine and Champagne in vintage style with this authentic 30 Bottle Riddling Rack. Dating back to the 1800s, riddling racks were and still are used to this day in Champagne, France to hold bottles of fermenting Champagne at a downward angle to allow yeast and sediment to collect by the cork rather than along the walls of the bottle, which looks bad. A riddler is a person who manually gives these bottles (up to thousands per day) a quick back and forth twist and slight downward tilt every week until all of the sediment forms in one spot (see video below). So there's a little fun history you can share with friends as you show off one of these small-scale riddling racks in your home or wine cellar. Each one holds up 30 bottles, folds up for easy storage, and is completely unique and naturally weathered from use.

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  • A vintage find for your vintage wines
  • Small-scale riddling rack is a genuine piece of French history
  • Riddling, a method of storing Champagne bottles tipped to move any sediment into the neck of the bottle, dates back to the 1800s
  • Use this authentic piece to display your favorite wines…and start a conversation
  • Each rack varies slightly in size and details - some still bearing the marks of their original vineyard
  • Minor scratches, weathering and patina are inherent to found items, and only help to tell the story of the item’s past
  • Folds up for easy transportation and storage
  • Size: 24" W x 30" H

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