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Anti-Cold Head Wrapping Blanket

Anti-Cold Head Wrapping Blanket

Anti-Cold Head Wrapping Blanket

On cold winter nights, sure you might be all snug and warm under the blankets, but what about your exposed head that sticks out? The solution is this cool new Anti-Cold Head Wrapping Blanket. To protect your noggin from the cold air at night, simply place this unique blanket over your pillow, lay your head down in between the two halves, and then wrap them under your chin to keep your head, neck, ears, and shoulders cozy and warm. It features a thermal inner layer, a soft cotton outer layer, and has straps to told it down on the corners of a thin mattress or futon cushion. A great alternative to some old-fashioned Scrooge-like stocking cap.

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  • Keep head, ears, neck, and shoulders warm
  • Provides a warm and cozy layer that will keep out the night's cold air
  • Wraps around the head
  • Lay your head down between the two halves and wrap it around, under your chin
  • Combination of a TopThermo inner layer and a soft cotton outer material makes this a comfortable yet effective tool against the winter
  • Use over a pillow
  • Wraps around the corners of a futon or thin mattress
  • Materials: cotton, polyester, cuprammonium rayon
  • Size: 55" W x 31" L x 0.8" D

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