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Two Position Sleeper's Pillow

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Two Position Sleeper's Pillow

If you tend to be both a side sleeper and a back sleeper and end up tossing and turning all night trying to get comfortable, then rest your weary head upon this cool new Two Position Sleeper's Pillow. This innovative foam pillow promotes proper spinal and neck alignment to maintain comfort and correct posture whether you sleep on your back or roll over to your side or back again. When sleeping on your back, a central cavity cradles your head while a sloping extension below supports your neck. When snoozing on your side, the pillow has higher edges to help keep the head and neck in a straight line to alleviate shoulder pressure and kinks. It also features ridges across the surface to promote airflow and has a washable polyester/cotton cover. It's also great for preventing snoring.


  • Provides proper spinal and neck alignment for people who sleep on both their back and side
  • Unique shape ensures comfort and correct posture for those who shift positions over the course of the night
  • Back Sleepers: central cavity cradles the head while a sloping extension supports the neck to follow spine’s natural curvature
  • Side Sleepers: higher edges keep the head and neck in a straight line, which prevents shoulder pressure and painful kinks in the morning
  • Ridges across the pillow’s entire surface promote air flow
  • Foam pillow is cushioning yet firm and will not flatten after years of use
  • Polyester/cotton cover unzips for machine washing
  • Correct slumbering position may inhibit snoring
  • 3 sizes available

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