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SleepSound - Slim Under Pillow Speaker

SleepSound - Slim Under Pillow Speaker

SleepSound - Slim Under Pillow Speaker

Want to snooze off to the soothing sounds of nature, white noise, an audiobook, a podcast, or your favorite music without disturbing others? Then slip this cool new SleepSound Speaker under your pillow. This ultra-slim under the pillow speaker is so thin that it cannot be felt, comes pre-loaded with relaxing nature sounds, and includes a 3.5mm cable and stereo input jack to connect to your own device. It features two lightweight yet powerful full-range speakers that deliver sound clear though a thick pillow, has a controller that clips to the pillowcase for easy access, and a selectable sleep timer that gradually reduces volume and shuts off after 60 minutes. For me, I would like to hook it up to my smartphone and set the alarm to loudly wake me up through the pillow itself.

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