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BedShelfie - Clamp-On Bedside Shelf / Tray

BedShelfie - Clamp-On Bedside Shelf / Tray

BedShelfie - Clamp-On Bedside Shelf / Tray

This cool new BedShelfie is a minimalist, space-saving bedside shelf / tray handcrafted from eco-friendly bamboo that easily clamps onto most standard bed frames. It features a versatile clamping system that attaches to bed frames up to 2.1 inches wide without tools, holds up to 15 pounds of assorted bedside things like books, phones, tablets, eReaders, coffee cups, water, remotes, small laptops, or just your creepy cat who likes to stare at you while you sleep, and has convenient dual slots to run charging cables through. Also available in a plus-sized model and one that slides between a mattress and box spring if you have a bed without a frame.

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  • A minimalist, space-saving re-think of the age-old nightstand
  • Attaches to most standard bed frames (up to 2.1 inches) using an adjustable clamping system with thick felt padding on touch points to prevent scratching
  • Incredibly versatile 2.1 inch Clamp System (Plus Model 3.1 inch Clamp)
  • No tools, easy to install
  • Handcrafted in eco-friendly bamboo
  • Dual wire slot details for easy device charging
  • Safely holds up to 15 lbs
  • Holds your most important bedside items (phones, tablets, eReaders, remotes, magazines, water, books) within arm's reach while you relax
  • Size: 12.75" x 8.5" x 3" T

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