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Worry Dolls - They Worry For You To Help You Sleep

Worry Dolls - They Worry For You To Help You Sleep

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When you're trying to fall asleep and your troubled mind begins spinning in an endless loop of worries, regrets, fears, and cringe moments, there's actually a very simple solution that was invented by the Mayan people of Guatemala to help their kids fall asleep. According to legend, the kids used to make colorful little dolls that would each worry about one single thing for the child after they were all placed beneath a pillow and this allowed them to sleep. To this day, these little handmade dolls work well enough that they're actually still used in children's medical centers (source).

Whether these little sleeping aid dolls are simply an effective placebo or they do magically absorb troubles from our minds, now you can try them out yourself under your pillow with these cool new Worry Dolls. Just look each of them in the eyes, transfer your worries, place them all under your pillow, and then drift off into a worry free peaceful slumber. They're perfect for kids, adults, travelers, or anyone with a worried mind who needs a good night's sleep using a completely safe and fun alternative remedy, plus they make really cool gifts. They also work in reverse as voodoo dolls too if you need to dole out some curses... maybe.

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Worry Dolls - They Worry For You To Help You Sleep
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Worry Dolls - They Worry For You To Help You Sleep
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Worry Dolls - They Worry For You To Help You Sleep
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Worry Dolls - They Worry For You To Help You Sleep
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Worry Dolls - They Worry For You To Help You Sleep
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Worry Dolls - They Worry For You To Help You Sleep
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Worry Dolls - They Worry For You To Help You Sleep
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Worry Dolls - They Worry For You To Help You Sleep
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Worry Dolls - They Worry For You To Help You Sleep
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