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Digital Detox Wooden Phone Substitute

Digital Detox Wooden Phone Substitute

Digital Detox Wooden Phone Substitute

We all pretend that we don't have a problem, but smartphone addiction is very real. Take a second from looking down at your smartphone and look around you. It's everywhere. Involuntary selfie snapping, constant checking for new notifications, mindless tapping, walking around with phones in hand like a security blanket, twitching when a stranger's phone dings, panic when a phone is accidentally left at home, and the list just goes on and on and on. Not only do we all need an intervention to help break this digital addiction, we need something to curb the withdrawal symptoms like this cool new Digital Detox Phone Substitute. This faux wooden smartphone has the approximate size, weight, and tactile feel of a phone to act as a surrogate to help calm your fidgeting-obsessed hands, satiate the endless need to raise and lower your arm, and fill the emptiness of your back pocket. Available in Mahogany, Maple, or Walnut and no case is required... or data plan.

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  • Designer: Complicated Needs
  • Wooden smartphone substitute with superior tactile qualities curbs sudden withdrawal symptoms
  • Wear it in your pocket and tap when necessary
  • No notifications, no ringtones or vibration, no updates, no location tracking, no browsing history, no data overages and no dead batteries
  • Conveniently weighted for that reassuring feeling in your pocket
  • Added buttons on the side and earpiece notch to further calm all those fidgety fingers
  • Made by hand and with love in Berlin
  • Smoothed and oiled wood, stainless steel
  • Versions: Mahogany, Maple, or Walnut

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