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Super Colon Blow Cereal

Super Colon Blow Cereal

Super Colon Blow Cereal

If you think high fiber in a breakfast cereal is going to make you healthy, now you can take your fiber intake to whole new levels, literally, when you consume this cool new yet very retro Super Colon Blow Cereal. Yep, the infamous high fiber faux cereal featured on Saturday Night Live way, way, way back in 1989, when it was still sort of occassionally funny, now finally exists to blow out your colon in the real world. Sure it only took 30,000 bowls of normal high fiber cereal to match regular Colon Blow cereal, but this is Super Colon Blow cereal and it would take over 2.5 million bowls to even come close to matching it. So, if you think you already spend too much time on the can staring at your phone... prepare yourself for the ultimate bowel movement! Check out the video below to see it in, um, action.

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