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Tropicana Crunch - Cereal Made For Orange Juice!

Tropicana Crunch - Cereal Made For Orange Juice!

Tropicana Crunch - Cereal Made For Orange Juice!

On Wednesday May 4, 2022 at 9 AM EST, skip the traditional milk and pour orange juice on your morning cereal instead with this cool new Tropicana Crunch Cereal. Yep, Tropicana is giving away this unusual honey almond clusters breakfast cereal to select customers, no purchase necessary. If you're lucky enough to snag a box of this super limited edition cereal and decide to to actually try it instead of listing it on eBay, then you'll get to experience a whole new paradigm in breakfast cereal genius. Just pour Tropicana orange juice over the cereal in the bowl instead of milk (or water... it won't hurt) and then grab a spoon and the included paper straw! Perfect for anyone not able to enjoy milk, those in a hurry in the morning, brave non-picky eaters, and people desperately looking for Likes on pictures of their breakfast. đŸĨŖ🍊

UPDATE: It's all gone... and I didn't get one either.☚ī¸ However, like I said above, it's already listed on eBay (links below) by those not brave enough to embark on an exciting citrus-fueled breakfast adventure. I hope this gets released in stores one day.

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