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Addalock - Portable Door Lock

Addalock - Portable Door Lock

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This cool new Addalock is a portable door lock that can be installed in seconds on hinged doors that swing inwards to add extra safety, security, privacy, and peace-of-mind. It's perfect for doors in homes, apartments, hotels, AirBNBs and other short term rentals, college dorms, classroom lockdowns, offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more. Just place the chrome-plated carbon steel handle up against the strike place on the door and line up the claws with the lock hole, close the door, attach the red locking piece, and you're now secure. Even if there's already a lock on a door, it still offers additional protection and you never who might still have keys to gain entry while you're inside like hotel housekeeping, nosey landlords, rental owners, and others. It includes a handy storage pouch for taking it on the go when you travel too. Check out the video below to see it in action. Great solution.

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Addalock - Portable Door Lock
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Addalock - Portable Door Lock
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Addalock - Portable Door Lock
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Addalock - Portable Door Lock
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Addalock - Portable Door Lock
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Addalock - Portable Door Lock
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Addalock - Portable Door Lock
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Addalock - Portable Door Lock
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Addalock - Portable Door Lock
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