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Eufy Security Dual Camera Video Doorbell

Eufy Security Dual Camera Video Doorbell

Eufy Security Dual Camera Video Doorbell

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In the good old days, when the doorbell rang it was kind of exciting and mysterious. Who could it be? Let's find out! However, now when it rings unexpectedly, your mind goes into a full blown panic, you grab the phone to see who it is on the video doorbell livestream, and then you try not to make a sound until the visitor goes away. How dare they ring the doorbell without texting you in advance! So the video camera on the smart doorbell became more important than the actual doorbell itself and it's great to be able to see when your packages get delivered... somewhere on the ground, usually out of frame. That all changes with this cool new Eufy Security Dual Camera Video Doorbell.

This innovative smart video doorbell uses dual cameras to show what's going on outside the front door, from a person approaching the door all the way down to the ground where they might have left a package - no more gaps or blindspots. It also features 2K full HD video clarity with color night vision, an AI-powered delivery guard mode with facial recognition to help keep an eye on a package for you, both battery and hardwired options all in the same unit so you can place it anywhere you wish, instant notifications on your phone, two-way communications, and, best of all, no subscription fees. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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