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Ring - Video Smart Doorbell

Ring - Video Smart Doorbell

Ring - Video Smart Doorbell


It's the 21st century, so it's about time that doorbells got a high tech modern makeover. The cool new Ring is a state-of-the-art wi-fi connected smart doorbell that lets you see and speak with visitors from anywhere in the world using an app on your smartphone or tablet. When someone pushes the doorbell button or it detects motion in an area you specify, the app alerts you with a notification and then you can pull up a live HD video feed of the visitor and actually speak with them.

It features a built-in wide-angled HD 720p video camera with night vision capability, motion sensing activation that can be adjusted, built-in speakers and microphone for two-way talks, dual power allowing you to either recharge once a year or connect to your existing doorbell wiring which also chimes an inside doorbell too, multiple device notification, and optional cloud recording so you don't miss anyone. Even better, according to the company's FAQ, there will be an update in the near future allowing remote live video feed access anytime you just want to take a peek outside.

This is not only a great way to avoid going to see who's there if you're home, it also provides great peace-of-mind safety and security when you're away. Cool huh? Check out this video to see it in action.

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