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Windblocker - Eliminates Wind Noise During Smartphone Calls

Windblocker - Eliminates Wind Noise During Smartphone Calls

It's bad enough that you can barely hear what anyone is saying on a regular cell phone call, but add in a windy day and it become utterly annoying unintelligible noise. The solution is this cool new Original Windblocker. Stored on a keychain for quick access on the go, this handy accessory effectively blocks wind noise and helps to ensure a clear conversation when clipped over the microphone of a smartphone or tablet. Perfect for anyone making calls outside or in the car, recording audio or video, or any other time wind and noise need to be cancelled out. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action. Cool huh?


  • Wind-free calls and clear sound
  • Place on the microphone of your smartphone or tablet whenever you need it
  • Suitable for almost all smartphones and tablets
  • Easy clip on design
  • Squeeze the ends of the clip together with your index finger and thumb to open the clip slightly
  • Convenient to carry on your key chain

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