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Antenn-Aid - iPhone 4 Bandages

Antenn-Aid - iPhone 4 Bandages

Antenn-Aid - iPhone 4 Bandages

The iPhone 4 is certainly a beautifully designed piece of telecommunications hardware, but if you happen to touch the lower left corner of the antenna frame, well you've just discovered it's Achilles' heel. The solution to reclaiming your lost signal and preventing the endless dropped calls is simply to put a bandage on it. These cool new Antenn-Aid - iPhone 4 Bandages are custom-sized vinyl sticker bandages for your iPhone 4's antenna that may or may not improve signal performance, but will get a few laughs. You get a set of six bandages in gray, light-gray, green, blue, peach and purple, but unfortunately your iPhone will never heal. I think I want the phone now, just to put one of these bandages on it!

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