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USB Cellphone Booster

USB Cellphone Booster

USB Cellphone Booster

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My cellphone gets a strong signal everywhere I go, except in my home. I live in one of those dreaded dead zones and the phone only seems to be able to manage one or two strength bars. If you have annoying cellular troubles like me, you need to get one of these cool new USB Cellphone Boosters.

The USB Cellphone Booster amplifies your cellphone signal for improved voice and data transfer. Simply plug the base unit into your computer or laptop's USB port and place the wired antenna up to 15 feet away in an area of better coverage, like near a window. You can now enjoy an additional 2-3 bars of extra signal for better call clarity and up to 100% faster download speeds for 3G data cards. Just plug it in and it's compatible with almost every carrier in Canada and the US. This is a great gadget to keep in your laptop bag, just in case and a great solution when you're trapped in the office all day with a bad signal.

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