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Phone Lock Box with Timer

Phone Lock Box with Timer

Phone Lock Box with Timer

I don't know anyone who isn't hopelessly addicted to staring at their phones from the time they wake up until the time they fall asleep and drop it on their face. Between the endless app notifications popping up, the phone ringing, the texts incoming, the mindless addictive games, the lure and fear of missing out on social media, the video meetings, and the involuntary reflex to pick it up every few minutes just to look at it for no reason or to take yet another selfie... humanity has lost all self control and focus. Everyone from children to adults need to send these drug-like glowing screens into a lengthy time-out for awhile so we can get things done again... or just fully relax and do nothing. There's a solution... besides skipping them far into a deep lake.

This cool new Phone Lock Box With Timer is an effective way to lock up your obnoxious, attention-seeking smartphone so you can work, study, drive, have dinner, watch a movie, enjoy a conversation, play with your kids, find cool new stuff for people on the Internet, or just live your life in the real world without distraction. Just place your phone in the lock box and close the lid, set the timer from 0-99 hours, turn it face down, run away fast, and enjoy your freedom. Once locked, the phone lock box cannot be opened until the timer reaches zero, so double check the time before setting it. In emergency situations, the box does have 3 opportunities to be opened, but then it can never be restored back again, so make them count. It also features a 10 second gap until it fully locks, a very small opening that allows emergency phone calls to be received, and a full charge lasts 45 days. It's also great as a phone jail for punishments too.

Hmm... put your tablet down, take off your smart watch, and remove that smart VR headset too! ... We're so doomed...

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  • If you are addicted to or distracted by your phone then this phone lock box is for you
  • Locks the phone away so that you cannot use it
  • Once phone is locked you cannot take it out - can only be opened when the set time is up
  • Timer on the lock box can set from 0-99 hours
  • You get 10 secs to decide before it locks
  • 3 emergency unlocking opportunities within the life of the product and then it cannot be restored
  • Front opening allows you to answer very important calls when it is locked and your phone is facing up
  • One full charge can use for 45 days around
  • Can help kids, students, and adults bring focus back
  • Suitable for most smartphones

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